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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Windows 8 Permanent Activator (Nov/08/12)

Windows 8 Permanent Activator v2012-11-08

Version: 2012-11-08 Changes :
1. Windows 7 Office 2013 KMS authentication support
2. KmsMicroK9 Download Download English added

Version Information
W8 = Windows 8
WS2012 server 2012
W8in1 x86.x64 cores, Pro, Media Center, Enterprise
W8 WMCX64 64-bit Media Center of the bass alone version
S4in1 = core. GUI includes standard, data center
W8S2012 = Windows 8 & server 2012 integrated version
Enterprise = Enterprise pure version
NetFW3.5 = Net framework 3.5, including
RM = recovery mode, including
VL = volume edition of
PE = PE, including
EN = English version
VHDX = VHDX including
KMS running on VM VM KMS = authentication server,
Office 2013 = volume office integrated version of English Combination
DVD = DVD Single Layer entering capacity
USB = USB or entering the double-layer DVD capacity
2.KJ shortcut link icon Added the option to install
when you install a shortcut link
If you delete a shortcut icon is created on the desktop, the Start menu and KJ KJ main window KJ delete button is pressed.
Token backup Windows 8 & Server 2012 & Office 2013 support
on the desktop token is automatically backed up. Manually restore the
button is pressed manually restore function to restore will stop the service so that you can restore the token, the token position opens.
authentication if you enter the product key that was used to authenticate the token restore.
Media center free key download link and authentication features
the following key free key first received the application to proceed in the following order when the
key when the key delivery window received a keystroke authentication function button to run Media Center, after entered.
Commands as administrator Right Add the ability to run windows notepad
optimize the mouse right button menu
Version: 121101 Changes
Administrator privileges Internet Explorer with administrative privileges
administrator rights to run the install shortcut icon on your desktop mouse button on the climbing side showing when IE add-on your desktop, right-click
optimization - set - with administrative privileges IE run the shortcut installed two temporary files cleaner automatically at boot time cleaning The cleaning process is not visible, so that modifications and optimize the Windows temporary file cleaner installation

The change as a way to check the version installed on the Regis Creative Office token backup bug fix
version of Office installed when checking path without checking
Version: 121103 Changes
The right mouse button in a command window with administrator privileges the running bug fixes 64-bit issues from the command window SysWOW64 held in modified

English version Download Windows image for additional 3.USB Hangul English Windows 8 and Server 2012 integration

English version of Windows 8 Enterprise and comprehensive language pack download add
Irrevocably modified 5.VM KMS Activation Server V6 KMS server when charging office 2013 Certification
Version: 121105 Changes
English version of W8 8In1 NetFW3.5 RM EN DVD 32-bit recovery mode added
English version. W8 WMCX64 NetFW3.5 RM EN DVD recovery mode, bug fixes
Hangul version W8 8in1 NetFW3.5 RM PE DVD Rename
Hangul version W8S2012 14In1 NetFW3.5 RM PE USB changing the boot order.


Password : ektpor&asujabiz

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