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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Windows XP Almodaris 2012

 Windows XP Almodaris 2012

Info Windows XP Almodaris 2012

Windows XP Almodaris 2012

Copy of a light, fast and beautiful and very stability and the final size of 517 MB Genuine accept the update from Microsoft

what has to delete the Chinese language and msn and tour

what has affixed all Microsoft updates and security patches up to 4-2012

Sata for all types of motherboard existing and therefore it can be installed on modern cor Allaptobac i3, i5, i7
-201006 DirectXRuntimes

Features :
Internet Explorer 8.0
Foxit reader
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.4
BurnAware Free 4.6
DriveSpace wonderful to change the shape of Aldraevrat cdef many forms and beautiful
iCF to change the form of powerful computer security according to your taste, color
calibration with another beautiful voices
change backgrounds Balajml
change icons with another beautiful
images to change the user's
carefully selected five themes
to change the settings to speed and not consume a lot of Alramat version fast even on old computers
and Other Things

Download Windows XP Almodaris 2012

Windows XP Almodaris 2012

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