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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Total PDF Converter v2.1.226 + Serial

Total PDF Converter converts PDF to DOC, RTF, XLS, HTML, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, PNG, EPS, PS, TIFF, TXT, CSV, PDF in batch. It is good for everybody who needs to convert a lot of PDF files but has no time to read user manuals. Unlike other batch PDF converters Total PDF Converter is extremely user-friendly due to a well-planned interface. Users can rely on predefined settings or use their own values. Converting large numbers of PDF files it's is importnat to avoid mess. Total PDF Converter keeps folder structure so you get the output files in perfect order. In addition to this, registered users get command line support to manage the utility with maximum efficiency. The unique options of Total PDF Converter include:

Total PDF Converter can convert multi-page PDF files to HTML/DOC/XLS/RTF/CSV/PS in batch and place each page into a separate file.
The tool will also give you the option of starting page numbering of the output file from any numbers (e.g. "6,7,8", not just "1,2,3").
Imagine you have to get all odd pages from a PDF file and combine them into one JPEG image. Or you want to turn every page of a multi-page PDF file into TIFF. With Total PDF Converter you can do that in just a few clicks.

Complete list of supported conversions
PDF Converter
PDF to HTML, PDF to XHTML, PDF to Doc, PDF to RTF, PDF to XLS, PDF to JPEG, PDF to TIFF, PDF to TXT, PDF to Text, PDF to CSV, PDF to BMP, PDF to GIF, PDF to PNG, PDF to EMF, PDF to WMF, PDF to PCL, PDF to Exe
EPS Converter 
EPS to HTML, EPS to XHTML, EPS to Doc, EPS to RTF, EPS to XLS, EPS to JPEG, EPS to TIFF, EPS to TXT, EPS to Text, EPS to CSV, EPS to BMP, EPS to GIF, EPS to PNG, EPS to EMF, EPS to WMF, EPS to PCL, EPS to Exe
PS Converter
PS to HTML, PS to XHTML, PS to Doc, PS to RTF, PS to XLS, PS to JPEG, PS to TIFF, PS to TXT, PS to Text, PS to CSV, PS to BMP, PS to GIF, PS to PNG, PS to EMF, PS to WMF, PS to PCL, PS to Exe
PRN Converter
PRN to HTML, PRN to XHTML, PRN to Doc, PRN to RTF, PRN to XLS, PRN to JPEG, PRN to TIFF, PRN to TXT, PRN to Text, PRN to CSV, PRN to BMP, PRN to GIF, PRN to PNG, PRN to EMF, PRN to WMF, PRN to PCL, PRN to Exe

Unique options of Total PDF Converter
When you need a TIFF copy of your PDF files you do not have to rescan the papers. Total PDF Converter will automatically convert all your folders with PDF files to TIFF images in minutes.
Preview Option Each PDF file is displayed in Preview panel. You can zoom it in/out or view the document full-sized. Preview option makes it easy to find the right PDF file.
You can save your time and effort excluding certain items from your final documents. You can convert a PDF file with lots of images that you do not need. Uncheck Images from the Items To Render list and get the final file with text only.
When you convert PDF to JPEG you can customize the final image to your needs. Set the desired quality of the JPEG image to compromize the file size. Total PDF Converter can also extract the selected pages and convert them to JPEG.
Total PDF Conveter can act as a PDF splitting utility. It can easily extract selected pages from a multi-page PDF document. It can also split a multi-page PDF by bookmarks or by blank pages.
Total PDF Converter supports DPI and paper size for TIFF. This means that users can select the quality and size of the output TIFF images. Besides, the tool can rename .tiff to .tif during a PDF to TIFF conversion.

Total PDF Converter v2.1.226 + Serial

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