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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Schoolhouse Technologies Math Resource Studio + Crack

Math Resource Studio 5

Fast and easy math worksheets with the latest edition of a teacher favorite.

Provide students with the precise skills development and math practice they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program. Create individual or class sets of professional worksheets, workbooks, or tests quickly and effortlessly saving valuable preparation time and resources.

"You have an absolutely terrific product. The ease, versatility, and customizability of this program are outstanding. It completely eliminates the need for expensive workbooks full of black-line masters." - Madelyn T., Grade 5 Teacher

New in version 5

More than twenty new exercise sets have been added to the program.

More options and features have been added to various exercise sets allowing for more precise customization.

Ribbon navigation brings the most used features out into the open making them easy to access, and eliminating the need for drop down menus that hide features and were sometimes difficult to work with.

When creating multi-page math documents, new customizing options for Sections allows for numbering to be restarted or for a section to start on a new page.

Schoolhouse Technologies Math Resource Studio + Crack

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